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For improved public health environment and healthy,
safe and secure agriculture
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About OSR --- Organic Solutions Rwanda (OSR) provides environmentally friendly solutions to materialize sanitation improvement, and safe and secure agriculture. Our products are based on Organic Solutions Microbial Technology (OSMT), that formulates productive / beneficial microorganisms of African origin.
Products and Services --- OSR Ltd. provides microbiological products (OSP, OSS) to improve sanitation environment, and agricultural microbiological products (Bio gear) to materialize safe and secure agriculture.

Using OSS for school sanitation! -- Clean toilets are the secret of successful school management.OSS helps materialize a clean and hygienic toiletry environment by eliminating harmful germs and odors.
No one likes toilets that smell bad and are infested with flies. If you face similar problems in your toilets, OSS can help you. -- How to Use OSS.