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Help! -My toilet Smells Bad! --- No one like Bad smells and Flies in toilets. If you face similar problem in your toilets, the Best Answer is OSS!
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  • OSS - It removes bad smell
  • 100% ORGANIC!!
  • Bad Smell! --- Using OSS will be a good Answer!

Using OSS will be a good Answer!

  • 1.Use a proper cleaner --- After cleaning toilets with liquid soap!
  • 2.Use proper quantity --- Following calculation,use 2 litter per week!
  • 3.Shake it before using!!

  • 4. - Do not drink!! --- Oh!! Good Smell!! BUT DO NOT DRINK!
  • 5.Drop-in toilet.
  • 6.DO NOT USE WITH - Sodium Hypochlorite - Sodium Hydroxide - other chemical cleaners etc ---It will kill microorganisms all! Using with Liquid Soap as cleaner is good for microorganisms, effect and environment. --- Prohibition!!

  • 7. Drop-in the whole quantity -Drop -in the whole quantity-
  • 8.Bye bye bad smell and flies
  • OSS!
Using OSS for school sanitation! -- Clean toilets are the secret of successful school management.OSS helps materialize a clean and hygienic toiletry environment by eliminating harmful germs and odors.
No one likes toilets that smell bad and are infested with flies. If you face similar problems in your toilets, OSS can help you. -- How to Use OSS.