Organic Solutions Rwanda Ltd.

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For improved public health environment and healthy,
safe and secure agriculture
Products & Services   --- We provide Organic Solutions Primary (OSP) and Organic Solutions Secondary (OSS) to materialize improved sanitation environment, and safe and secure agriculture.

OSR provides microbiological products (OSP, OSS) to materialize improved sanitation environment, and safe and secure agriculture.

Main users of the environmental products are:
- public institutions including schools and hospitals,
- Industries including (Leather factory, Tea processing factory) and
- Hotels (ex. Serena Hotel, Hotel Beau Sejour, Park View Hotel).

It is also applied to waste water treatment solutions.
And agricultural products are used by agro-industries such as Macadamia nut companies, Tea estates.
OSR Ltd. also provides consultation services to assist clients to meet their sanitation challenges and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Based on Organic Solutions Microbial Technology (OSMT), a condensed liquid mixed with beneficial microorganism, which includes lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and bacillus. OSP is suitable for public sanitation such as schools, hospitals, and hotels, where more powerful and intensified application is required.
- Improve toiletry environment
- Waste water treatment
Liquid solution of OSP, molasses and water. It is ready to use.
OSS is suitable for household sanitation and small size farms where it:
- Promotes sanitation & hygiene
- Removes bad odors / flies
- Solid-waste management
- Facilitates composting process

Support Healthy Plants growth:
OSS contains micro-bacteria that inhibits and controls pathogenic micro-bacteria that are harmful to the plant’s growth.
Spraying OSS to seedlings of tea .and other plants, crops effectively supports their growth.

Left; normal watering to tea seedlings.
Right; diluted OSS sprayed.
Adding OSS to the composting materials boosts the biodegrading process. It enables to shorten the composting time while supporting the high quality production.

Using OSS for school sanitation! -- Clean toilets are the secret of successful school management.OSS helps materialize a clean and hygienic toiletry environment by eliminating harmful germs and odors.
No one likes toilets that smell bad and are infested with flies. If you face similar problems in your toilets, OSS can help you. -- How to Use OSS.